This powerful, declarative poster features an essay by Dr. Gregorc exalting the unique spiritual qualities of children. The essay begins:

We need a new, wiser, holistic, and more spiritual attitude towards children.

Its body focuses on the basic understandings about children. And it concludes:

Children are not our subordinates. They are co-conspirators breathing the same pneuma as us and contributing to a world far beyond present comprehension. Ultimately, in our webs of relationships, it is the children who will write, rewrite, and edit our scripts of life.

Ordering Information

#P01 Child-Wise 20" x 25": $7.95
#P02 Child-Wise 8" x 10" Single copy: $2.50
#P03 Child-Wise 8" x 10" Packet of 5: $10.95

Child-Wise is illustrated in color and available in two sizes: 20" x 25" and 8" x 10". The large size is available singly and shipped rolled. The small size is available single or in packets of five (5) and shipped flat.

Looking Glass

Ordering Information

#P04 $8.45

This full color 20" by 30" poster is shipped rolled.

Looking Glass

A graceful swan in pensive tones of gray and blue provides the backdrop for this introspective poem by Dr. Gregorc:

People are my looking glass.

In some - I see my past.
    They show me lessons I have learned.

In many - I see my presence.
    They mirror my perfections and imperfections.

In others - I see my future.
    They forecast what is yet to come.

And in a few - I see where I must return.
    They reflect the lessons I have failed to learn.


Deep hues of red and brown add to the mysterious wonderment of this verse by Dr. Gregorc:

People tell me that I am an enigma. Indeed I am! I am a spiritual riddle who is experiencing the evolving answers within.

Ordering Information

#P05 $8.45

This poster is full color, 20" x 30", and is shipped rolled.

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