About Gregorc

Dr. Anthony F. Gregorc

Anthony F. Gregorc, Ph.D., is a phenomenological researcher, lecturer, consultant, author and President of Gregorc Associates, Inc. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Miami University (Ohio) and his Master's and Philosophic Doctorate from Kent State University (Ohio).

He has served as a teacher of mathematics and biology, an assistant principal, principal of a laboratory school for gifted youth, an assistant superintendent of schools, an Associate Professor of Educational Administration and Assistant Dean at The University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign and an Associate Professor of Curriculum and Administration at the University of Connecticut at Storrs.

Dr. Gregorc has been a guest lecturer and visiting professor at various colleges and universities and has spoken and conducted workshops throughout North America, Continental Europe, the Mideast and the Far East. He has appeared on radio and television programs including The Learning Channel and in his own 5-part satellite television staff-development series.

He is internationally recognized for his pioneering work in learning/teaching/administering styles which began in 1969 with the introduction of his Energic Model of Styles. This seminal work evolved into The Mind Styles Model in 1984. Dr. Gregorc's Style Delineator instrument, books and numerous articles are used in schools, industry, government, medical and mental health agencies, and in marital and family counseling. They are designed to improve Self and environmental understanding, relationships, mental health and productivity.

Most recently, Dr. Gregorc has been engaged in parallel interests -- core-level school reform, and research into the Light and Dark Dimensions of personal, political and cultural activities and events.

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