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Ms. Cynthia Tobias and her companies, Learning Styles Unlimited, Inc. and AppleSt, LLC, have produced publications and workshops using testing instruments appearing under the known names: Student Style Delineator, Informal Student Style Delineator (Appropriate for grades 7 through Adult), and The Quick Eclectic Style Profile--Mindstyles (How Do you Communicate What You Know). These instruments and their accompanying publications claim to be based on the work of Dr. Anthony F. Gregorc and that the terms are used with his permission.

Dr. Gregorc specifically disclaims any connection to the above testing instruments of Ms. Tobias or any implication that he has reviewed, approved or given permission to use his terms, or in any way endorses her work.

Dr. Gregorc believes that the use of his copyrighted instrument, the Gregorc Style Delineator™, or any Mind Styles™-based instrument on children is morally, spiritually and philosophically wrong because of the possibility of misleading a child, a parent or a teacher. This is also true for any unresearched psychological instruments for adults. He therefore maintains that any instrument that purports to be based upon his instrument or work, such as Ms. Tobias' instruments, should not be used.

Effectively immediately, Dr. Gregorc hereby denies Ms. Tobias, Learning Styles Unlimited, Inc., AppleSt, LLC and any associates or representatives thereof, future use of his copyrighted and trademarked terminology or typology, or quotations from his works in any form, whether written or oral, televised, taped or broadcast. Any such use without permission is a violation of law and should be reported to Gregorc Associates, Inc. immediately.

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Posted December 22, 1999

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